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Engaño o fraude de donación : aliya.abdul1938@gmail.com kassandra melian brito


Email fraudulentoaliya.abdul1938@gmail.com
Pseudónimo utilizadokassandra melian brito
Contenido de la estafaKASSANDRA MELIÁN BRITO
Mar 1/9/2020 16:50

I am sending you this message on behalf of Ms. Aliya Abdul, an oil trader who promotes humanitarian aid.

She has chosen you to benefit from her estate. For more information, contact the donor via email: aliya938@sonic.net

Thank you,


Greetings to you my friend, it's good to hear from you.

Accept my sincere apology for contacting you in this manner and also pardon my grammar. I got your email contact prior to a private search online while in need of assistance and then I summoned courage to contact you. My name is Mrs. Aliya Abdulaziz (born as Aliya Hillins), an oil business merchant based in Saudi Arabia. I have lived in Saudi Arabia all my life with my Saudi husband who passed away in 2013. I have changed my name, adopted their religion and have totally forgotten about my true origin. I have lived in Saudi Arabia 57 years and I am now 82 years old.

I have been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer and have been in the hospital for a very long time receiving all kinds of medical treatment with no success. It is sad but now I have just a few days to live according to my medical experts. My last wish is to help the poor, motherless children, widows and less privilege in your country. But due to my experience I only wish to work with a total stranger and put all this in good faith and pray God guides you to do the right thing. I contacted you because I needed a total stranger based on my late husband's past experience, in the past my late husband and I gave out funds for charity work even to my husband’s blood relatives but they stole the funds and never fulfilled our dreams and purpose. Now they believe that I have no funds left. As a result, they no longer come to my bedside to pray for me and to wish me a peaceful passage to life after. They have abandoned me, they have hurt me so much and know they are simply waiting for me to pass on but I thank God.

I have decided to give my last estate to someone who is not my family member here in Saudi Arabia, a stranger who will be honest and sincere enough to his or herself to help me achieve my dream of helping the poor while I am gone. These are my last wishes and I pray you fulfill this for me and you will live long.

Here is confidential information about this asset. In 2016, I made a bond deposit sum of 5,000,000.00 (Five Million Euro) with a Bank. But for very obvious reasons, I did not disclose this to anyone except my lawyer.

However, I now know it was a wise decision I took when i saved this money because of the attitude being displayed by everyone close to me. Just to inform you, this is all the money I have left and as you can see, I have no need for it but all I know is, it can be used to fulfill the purpose of charity that will help children and the motherless in your country. You will have to claim the money 5,000,000.00 (Five Million Euro) on my behalf from the bank through the help of my lawyer and distribute 80% of the money for the charity work and take 20% for your own personal welfare, and I hope you will always pray for my soul to rest in a peaceful place after I am gone.

My personal reference number is Law/Firm/Lee/Kan/WILL/024-563516.

Please kindly contact my lawyer with the details below to enable him to prepare a Change of Beneficiary document from me to you which will empower you to receive the funds from my Bank. My lawyer is aware of my plans as I have notified him that I am giving that amount to you by my personal decision and not forcefully. Do send him an email providing your name and my reference number.

You are advised to immediately contact my attorney with the below information:
Law Firm: Lee & Kan Solicitors
Attorney: Dominic Lee
Contact Email: dlee@leekan-law.com

Note: My lawyer will not charge you any fees as I have already paid him for his services. He will prepare a Change of Beneficiary document from my names to your names which will grant you access to receive the funds from my Bank. Also know that you have the right not to accept this funds or obligation I have given to you, but if you do accept it please do willingly.

I am doing this because I no longer trust all the people around me here in Saudi. If they ever know about this asset, they will do anything to claim it even while I am still alive and without my permission. I must avoid this and dispose of this money soonest. I have nothing left to live for.

I would have loved to speak with you but that is impossible since I have lost my power of speech due to the fact that I am dying from Esophageal cancer and only have a few days to live. This is the reason I am writing to you now, pray for my soul and may God guide you, bless you and lead you to accomplish my last wishes.

Thank you.

Mrs. Aliya Abdulaziz
Su Comentario / ExplicaciónMe llegaron mails a mi correo de dos casillas diferentes y ese era el contenido. es fraude y quieroque se sepa asi nadie cae en eso!!

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    • OTROmas el 03/09/2020 en 10:45

      Tambien me llego, y no pienso responder

    • Carlos el 03/09/2020 en 12:20

      Estos son los correos electrónicos con los cuales hacen el fraude

      en este correo electrónico te mandan 2 pdf uno donde tienes que poner todos tus datos (ojo) el otro no lo pude entender a la perfección porque esta en ingles pero es un documento que se ve fhotoshopeado en firmas sellos etc.


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