Estafa de inversión : +17165890137 michael sonnenshein


Pseudónimo utilizadomichael sonnenshein
Teléfono+1 716-589-0137 (ou 0017165890137) (Más información)
Contenido de la estafaInge Carrillo December 4, 2021, 1:54 PM
To: Gray Scale Invest
CC: GSI Investments ,,

I am referring to the account that I have with you and that was opened on June 15, 2021 (GRAYSINVEST.COM) and after several remittances for investment, the account was consolidated on July 19, subsequently, the withdrawal of the funds was requested. profit on July 20 and 23, but not before sending 10% (6000 usd) of what exists in the account, withdrawals that were not authorized, according to the account activity records, I received information that in order for them to authorize the Withdrawals, I should send them an additional 3,000 usd, which was sent at the time, on this date the domain was changed to GRAYSINVEST.CO, they insisted that they release the profits and on July 30 they sent me a document signed by the CEO of the company (Michael Sonnenshein) GRAYSINVES.CO\Withdrawal Guarantee for Porfirio.pdf, and ratified by mail GRAYSINVES.CO\mail.pdf, indicating that before August 5, they should pay 1,350 usd, which is sent to them, commenting that they do not the funds had arrived and I they "invited" me to pay them again, they were sent to them and they refused to receive the shipment again, they "gave me the opportunity" to send them late because, as they were told, I was broke and had had health problems with my wife, THE AMOUNT FOR THE THIRD OCCASION to the agreed address bc1qwfyth2r23tv64c8mtgq92jlrspvh52ypj4ya3t and GRAYSINVES.CO\bc1qwfyth2r23tv64c8mtgq92jlrspvh52ypj4ya3t.pdf the reception of the payment sent 6 hours later, in the inter they were sending proof of the funds of the shipment and release of the referred funds , emails were sent, WhatsApp to Mr. Michael Sonnenshein (this is how the contact was identified) +1 (716)5890137 and his associate Ruth Parker +1 (402)8826515
Su Comentario / ExplicaciónIn the course of 2021 I have paid the amounts that have been requested, I have processed withdrawals that have blocked me, demanding additional payments, believing in your promises and they have never released what was promised or requested, the website has changed on multiple occasions;,, and finally in 2022, which is no longer found, they are expected to register another page again and in each change they have demanded additional payments, they are a fraud!
There are five integrated "partners" to continue bleeding their "victims"; Ruth Parker +1 (402) 882 - 6515, uses as a shield the image of Hither Mann, and the one who identified himself as Michael Sonnenshein +1 (716) 589-0137, who is the name of the CEO of who is not related to graysinvest, the third party is his account manager +1 (865) 248-2682, who is not identified, as well as his commercial link +1 (865) 658 - 1422, who also did not identify himself and the last one who without identifying himself +1 304-933-9017 requests payments to release the invested funds, all this by watsapp.
The pages registered on the web have been,,,, and finally with email addresses;,,, and
It is sent for dissemination by different means to prevent future fraud.
A copy of the complaints in the IC3 is attached.

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  • Complaint Referral Form Internet Crime Complaint Center
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